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Handmade Gifts & Basket

Handmade Studio stocks finished product, ready for gift giving.  All products are stocked by artisans from Northeast Ohio and around the country.  When you buy handmade soap, lotions and cosmetics you are not only buying a high quality product…you are also supporting a artisan and local economies.  We thank you for considering a “Buy Handmade” product and gift.

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Handmade Gifts

Handmade Studio carries ready to use products from local artisans and those producing specialty products across the country.  Artisans are located in the USA and make the products in small batches by hand, ensuring only the finest quality and technique.

Pet Products
All Natural Soap
Bath Salts
Bath Bombs
Lotions & More

Consider giving a handmade gift today!  We stock birthday and baby gift baskets!!

Life Works
(Made Locally by Adults with Autism)

Beered Beard Guy
(Made Locally with Fresh Hops)

Chagrin Valley Soap
(Made Locally with Love for Pets)