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Bath & Body Bases Paraben Free Bases Washes - (You Are Here - C3369)


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Crafters Choice™ Body Wash - Pearl (Sulfate Free & Paraben Free)
This liquid soap is amazing. It is pearly white. Don't be surprised if it's on the thinner side, it makes great creamy bubbles! This base easily incorporates color and fragrance. Formulated as a body wash but it will also work as a shower gel or bubble bath.

Helpful Product Information:
Package: 1 Gallon Jug
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$8.76 for 16 oz (Shelf Stock)
$40.04 for 1 Gallon (single jug) (Shelf Stock)
$123.34 for 4 Gallon (4 - 1 gallon size)(ETA: 08/01/19)

Foaming Bottle Wash Base (50 Gallon Drum)
Thick foam with LOTS of bubbles! The formula contains extra skin softening properties from the Aloe, Vitamin E and Citric Acid levels. The Dimethicone provides an extra silky feel that your customers want after the wash is completed.
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Crafters Choice™ Pampering Pet Shampoo (Sulfate Free)
Our Pampering Pet Shampoo base creates lots of small bubbles that makes for great lather. It is gentle on pets and contains Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil, which are thought to be great for skin and fur! Sulfate free and paraben free.
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$8.60 for 16 oz (Shelf Stock)
$43.52 for 1 Gallon (single jug) (Shelf Stock)
$133.37 for 4 Gallon (4 - 1 gallon size)

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